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Welcome to Da Crew's website! We are a entertainment group (not a gang, hood establishment, or toilet service).

We started on October 18th '07 when Marcus Little(MjL), Maacah Casanova(Cah), and Joe Henry(Joester) (3 7th graders at the time) were having fun throwing stuff in class and Marcus came up with an idea: Lets make a show where we do crazy stuff! Maacah and Joe liked it. So the next day in the school (Grovetown Middle in Georgia,USA) Maacah came up with the colors for Da Crew's symbol (black,silver, navy blue), Marcus came up with the name of their name (Da Crew; CMJ was added later) and Joe saw a library sign that said "One-Way Learning Center" and suggested the One-Way Show for the show's name! Cah and Marcus were baffled but came around to it.

So the whole day, the 3 told everyone about their idea and Lorita Freeman(Ella), Chase Krewson(da King), Devin Coursey(DC later renamed 2Strong),Nick Butler(Sunshine), and Janaela Bashay(J-Money) came along.In July 24th '08 they had their first and second shows (but Joester, J-Money and Da King didn't show up). Weeks later, Josh Libbey(Kangster:Korean Gangster), Mark Martinez(Marker), Keshawn Crawford(Mr. Dr. Professor Moneybags), Matt Price(Lipi) and Tevon Horton(2Tall) joined. A few months later Chris Evans(Mr. Therapist later and Juwan Blair(J-Rokk) joined. But about 2 weeks later(after their 1st appearance on the One-Way SHow,episode 9) they broke away and started thier own group(Rokkstarrs Affiliation) with a show reffered to as "Nigga Chronicles". Thats when all hell broke loose.

Malik Muhammad(M-Rock), his bro Jamal Muhammad(Gangsta Swag), and Kahlil Sample(K-Fresh), and Carly Newman(Jewberry) joined Da Crew.
In October '08, Darius Overstreet started a gang-related group called DVT:Death Valley Thugs and TJ Barnes made Goon Squad. Unlike Rokkstarrs and Da Crew, they had nothing to do with entertainement but Rokkstarrs joined the comotion. Days into the riot, there were many fights on account of these 3 groups known as GTMS War. Members MJL, Marker, and Kangster felt left out and made a group to join the war called Hood Hawks(later renamed Gold Nation). Other groups such as Bomb Squad(Joester's crew), MFG(joined Rokksarrs), Allstars(joined Gold Nation), and Street Kings(dead) formed. But 6 low-down, sladerizin',back-stabbin',good-4-nuthin' snitches told all and had many kids busted. They even blamed Marcus, Maacah, and Joe for all of it! ALL OF IT! But it was cleared up even though some kids were suspended for "gang related behavior and fighting". Where r they now, you ask?
Well the competition between Rokkstarrs and Da Crew is over because Rokkstarrs broke up around January '09 due to nunya! I guess we win the competition between us Da Crew and Rokkstarrs(the competition propose dby J-Rokk to CAh to see whose show could have the most views)! Out of the GTMS War, errbody died out(but Rokkstarrs won the GTMS War). But eventually, Chris Evans rejoined CMJ.


Band Members Steffan aka Tyreque aka ♫Baby Boi FLOW♫- Fabian aka Fabo aka ♫Pretty Boi FLOW♫- CJ aka Jerome aka ♫Church Boi FLOW♫ One day at Harlem High Band Camp, 3 boys (CJ,Steffan,Fabian) liked to sing and randomly sang around a lot and they finally said "we should be a group". They searched for a name, and finally Steffan said "how about 'FLOW'" and did a wavy-like hand gesture. It pleased the other 2 teens, and their friend Patrick let them use the studio in his house, eventually became their rapper.



 In the picture from left to right: Fabian, CJ and Steffan


Boys with Wings was started in '02, as MjL and his older brother Jerome started a singing group, the 2 of them! MjL was a soprano! Things were going well, even though their role models were an old group, The Temptations. In '03 they broke up due to private issues between the 2. But in '07, they rejoined, but this time as a part of The One-Way Show!

Finally on October 19th(after Da Crew day!), MjL, Joester and Cah had a conversation, and decided to end CMJ, but started it back on November 29th, 2009!

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Club Freestyle of '09-10

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The radio crew at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville

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